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Second Solid Waste Management Research Forum on 8th November 2010

Dear all,

We had the Second session of the Solid Waste Research Forum on November 8, at the SLAAS Auditorium with  a turnout of 22 participants from 11 organizations.  Presentations we had from University of Sri Jayewardenepura on their research projects Holcim Lanka Pvt.

Many thanks for those who attended.

Main Points of discussion

The meeting was mediated by LIRNEasia.  It was discussed to

a.       have the SW research forum on first Monday of every month chaired by University of Sri Jayewardenepura with a prearranged agenda.

b.      commence the future meetings sharply at 4.00 pm

c.        have presentations delivered by personnel from various industries/ projects to share their experience and views.

d.      have briefings from government authorities working in solid waste management (WMA, CEA, NSWSC) on their recent activities, movements etc.

Three presenters from University of Sri Jayewardenepura briefed on their research projects.   and an Official from Holcim Lanka Ltd. did an extensive presentation on the waste management  services offered by the company.

Presentation topics and their points worth note are as follows

1.      Potential of GHG emissions savings for programmatic CDM by municipal SW composting in Western Province – Deshika Kariyakarawana , University of Sri Jayewardenepura

  • The study will reveal the amount of carbon credits/ money that can be gained from GHG savings
  • Monitory value of a carbon credit/ GHG unit
  • Experience of other countries in gaining carbon credits for composting

2.      Potential of Hazardous waste use of kiln co processing in cement – Dinesh Kumara, University of Sri Jayewardenepura

  • The study is to be carried out to identify the potential hazardous waste for kiln co processing in cement on the basics of the availability, quantity, technical feasibility and financial feasibility and address the sector issues.

3.      Solid waste Management done by Geocycle – Randeewa Malalasooriya, Holcim Lanka Ltd.

  • Geocycle provides total solutions for environment solution for variety materials of many different industries
  • Well segregated municipal solid waste can also be used in co processing but high moisture content creates an economical barrier to resorting to solution
  • Hence, currently segregated plastic polythene and cardboard from local authorities is accepted Geocycle.
  • Clinical waste could be used for co processing provided the generators assure the sterility, otherwise handling them is hazardous.
  • Due to some technical barriers only saw dust of smaller particle size than 20mm is processed by Geocycle.
  • Possibility of using saw dust collected from Moratuwa area in co processing needs to be considered further

4.      Water pollution associated with plastic recycling industries in Sri Lanka – Prabani Jayasekera, University of   Sri      Jayewardenepura

  • All the plastic recycling industries in did not have waste water treatment system
  • It is not economically feasible for recyclers to have water treatment facilities established as it costs a huge sum of money compared to the business itself.
  • Compared to the environmental service done by plastic recyclers there are many other industries polluting water which needs attention.

. Issue for future reference

  • Experience of Solid waste management project implementations

Participants: 22 from 11 Organizations

Name Organization Email
Anusha Wickramaratna LIRNEasia anusha.wicramarathna@gmail.com
Chammi Gunathilake LIRNEasia cggunathilake@gmail.com
Daniel Suleiman EML consultants daniel@emlconsultants.com
H. G. J. Nishantha Arthachrya Foundtion arthacharya@yahoo.com
A.S. Illyas Plastechs cmbubl@gmail.com
Indunil Priyankara Sarvodaya idunilpriyanga@gmail.com
K. K. D. H. Kumara University of J’pura kkdhkumara@gmail.com
K. P. W. Thilakeratne LIRNEasia thilakaratnekwp@yahoo.com
Lloyd Ranjan Ferando Lunawa Lagoon  and Environment Development Project lloydranjan@gmail.com
Nilanthi Bandara University of J’pura nbandara@sltnet.lk
Nimal Silva Waste Management Authority nimal.slv@gmail.com
Nirosha Nissanka LIRNEasia nirosha@noulanka.lk
Prabani Jayasekara University of J’pura prabanijayasekara@gmail.com
Randeewa Malalasooriya Holcim Lanka Pvt. Ltd. randeewa.malalasooriya@holcim.com
Randika Jayasinghe University of J’pura randi83@gmail.com
Sujata Gamage LIRNEasia sujatagamage@yahoo.com
Sunthra Siriwardhana LIRNEasia suransi@yahoo.co.uk
Susith Jayasekara Waste Management Authority susith.jayasekara@yahoo.com
V. K. D. H. Kariyakarawana University of J’pura deshi.kari@gmail.com
Vajira Harasgama Kalhari Enterprises kalhari-ent@sltnet.lk
W. M. Sanjeewa Chulakumara Holcim Lanka Pvt. Ltd. sanjeewa.chulakumar@holcim.com
Y. Silvester Colombo Municipal Council seswmn@sltnet.lk
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